HAMMER Product Planning Kit for Notion

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This Notion kit is a directory of resources to help you understand and execute product planning. The template directory is organized in several abstraction layers. Starting from a high-level business perspective, and then gradually drilling down to technical details. The final result is a shared vision, development plan, roadmap, based on the knowledge from all the documents included.

This Notion template will help you:

  • Create your product hypothesis and understand user needs

  • Let your team know what to build and why are they building it

  • Let your stakeholders (investors) know what they are getting

This kit contains 5 master templates:

  • Product Vision Board

  • Platform Overview

  • Functional Specification

  • System Design

  • Roadmap

This kit will help you do the following:

  • Formulate your product vision

  • Define your target user group

  • Identify user needs

  • Define your product scope

  • Specify your business goals

  • Create a list of users for your interviews

  • Prepare interview questions and document the process

  • Create empathy map

  • Define pains and gains

  • Define user journey map

  • Specify non-functional requirements

  • Ideate on solutions

  • Create value proposition

  • Write feature specifications with high fidelity mockups

  • Define user stories and job stories

  • Create C4 diagrams

  • Specify product outcomes

  • Prioritize outcomes

  • Create outcome-driven roadmap

Why is this kit important: clear scope is a crucial factor for project success, and it is extremely important to have all team members and stakeholders aligned and aware of your goals and initiatives. Having your scope of work clear will provide software that stakeholders and users need.

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Product Planning Kit for Notion


HAMMER Product Planning Kit for Notion

0 ratings
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